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The Gabonese market

Gabon has an estimated population of 1.8 million, of which 85% is urban. Located at the equator, it enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate where the fauna and flora are still well preserved and protected. It is bordering the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
It has many natural resources (oil, wood, manganese ...) and wishes through its Strategic Plan Emergent Gabon diversify its economy and make it less dependent on oil resources with beneficial effects on investment and consumption.
This country has the highest human development index in sub-Saharan Africa according to the United Nations.


Your Campaign In Greater Libreville

As part of its partnership with the municipalities of Libreville, Akanda and Owendo (about 70% of the total population of Gabon), JCDecaux enjoys an exclusive presence in the public domain of the main axes of the agglomeration. (Akanda, Airport, Seaside, City Center, Expressway, PK5-PK12, Owendo).

The largest network of illuminated faces in the country, the offer of JCDecaux Gabon guarantees brands effective communication thanks to the quality of its media, their implementation and their exclusivity on the public domain.

  • 2m² 210 faces

  • 8m² 150 faces

  • 56m² 9 faces


Our offer is based on 4 fundamental pillars, guarantee of media profit for our customers.
  • Network to ensure a repetition necessary to memorize your message

  • Location strategically placed locations on high-traffic axes

  • Exclusiveness to enable the emergence of an integrated and respectful communication of the urban environment

  • Quality to differentiate thanks to qualitative devices, backlit and under glass for an irreproachable rendering


NETWORK 2M2. A cover and a dense mesh of Grand Libreville.

8M² NETWORK. The power and emergence of large format showcase.


DEVICE 56M². Like a lighthouse at the entrance of the city.


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JCDecaux Gabon ZI zone portuaire d’Owendo BP77 Libreville

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