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The Ivorian advertising market

Ivory Coast recorded its sixth consecutive year of strong growth in 2017. The outlook remains positive in 2020, which favors the business climate.
The Ivorian advertising market is particularly dynamic and developed. Zénith agency estimates total advertising spending at $ 110 million in 2016 with an estimated growth of + 11.5% on average per year until 2019. 

JCDecaux, a key player in Ivory Coast

Discover some of JCDecaux Ivory Coast's activities through this video

Your campaign in Abidjan - Our "mass media" solutions to target daily mobility 

Urban Showcase

Advertise on our backlit  street furniture network, at the very heart of Abidjan's traffic flow  (2sqm et 8sqm format) 


Chose your bus lines among a network of 1000 buses for a tailor-made campaign to reach your target even in their neighborhood. 

Photomontage for example


Take advantage of traffic flow and dwell time to interact with your target and make an unforgettable impression.

Marcory Bus Station - Photomontage for example


Reach more than 80 000 vehicles every day at a strategic crossing point in a captive environment. 

Toll Booth on HKB Bridge - Photomontage for example

Your campaign in Abidjan Airport


With more than 17% annual growth on average since 2012, the airport of Abidjan is now an incontestable hub in Africa. From January 2020, JCDecaux Côte d'Ivoire offers a wide range of premium sites as well as service-based and experiental solutions to engage an encounter with your audience and enhance its travel journey.  

Your campaign in Abidjan - Our "target" solutions for your tactical campaigns 


A premium, digital and analogic offer, to target efficiently the consumers when making a purchasing decision in the shopping malls PlaYce Marcory and PlaYce Palmeraie.  


Gares Sitarail

A tailor-made offer which allow you to cover the 56 train stations between Abidjan and Ouagadougou and reach a targeted and captive audience. Be the first contact point when they arrive ! 

Treichville train station - Photomontage for example

Contacts & Terms and Conditions

Philippe Landrieu Chief Executive Officer JCDecaux Ivory Coast
Alice YAO MEITE Key account manager - JCDecaux Côte d'Ivoire
Aniela ASSEY Sales representative - JCDecaux Côte d'Ivoire

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