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Winning team. Fast-growing segment in full digital overhaul.

At JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa, we recognise that our growth and success depends on the quality of our employees. We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and high standards of performance. Since its creation, JCDecaux has always been resolutely turned toward the future. Faithful to that spirit, we open new avenues to all our new employees. They are joining a fast-growing segment in full digital overhaul. They become the talent for a business that is in full development, guided by passion, creativity, a sense of service, and a taste for aesthetics and design. The Group includes dozens of highly varied business departments, and takes care to entrust them with concrete, interesting, and varied projects. It is also intent on furthering its employees' careers through training. 

TRAINING. Always look further.

Innovation and the quest for excellence are founding values of JCDecaux. Our employee wellness programme is designed to encourage a work-life balance. We naturally seek to empower staff and encourage diversity and opportunities for all.
By joining us you will be able to interact with different industry leaders. You will also be a part of creating and developing new products, working on various projects which are both exciting and challenging. 
We are committed to providing our employees with the necessary tools, therefore support and development to help them reach their full potential.We are very passionate about, therefore, we also provide our employee's with opportunities to further their studies, training and mentoring programs.