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Qualifications And Experience
  • Bachelor of Commerce graduate
  • At least three years experience in Accountant position
  • Must be computer literate (MS Office)

Roles And Responsibilities
  • Compile weekly debt collection report which includes:
  • Downloading weekly bank statement
  • Identify debtor receipts/deposits on bank statement
  • Complete debtor receipt schedule and attached debtor’s remittances
  • Compile sales list and check for expired / renewal / new sales contracts and any other changes from the previous month; meet with Sales / GM to finalize that all included, follow-up on getting a copy of signed contracts from GM/Sales; scan and email sales list contracts to Head Office
  • Import VAT returns which includes
  • Request Imports report from Customs & Excise from the Minister of Finance
  • Prepare detailed import transactions schedule for month, attaching customs documents for double checking
  • Raise cheque for payment to Minister of Finance
  • Conduct VAT Payments
  • Pull account 4310 and 4320 reports off Epicor
  • Do calculations whilst checking back to Sales and production invoices, import VAT payment etc
  • Complete return forms and raise cheque
  • Manage PAYE payments
  • Conduct Payroll function which includes
  • Preparation of monthly payroll schedule
  • Load EFT Payroll payments to individuals then submit to HO for release
  • Record leave/sick days taken
  • Conduct month-end procedure which involves
  • Capturing debtor receipt /petty cash/cheques/Site rent transactions/EFT payments/Payroll/debit orders
  • Replying to IS/F9 month-end queries from HO
  • Balance sheet recons/answer queries/do reconciliations on some accounts
  • Managing Site Rentals by
  • Uploading or updating recipients on online banking
  • Load new recurring monthly Site Rental payments on online banking system
  • Debtors function which involves
  • Emailing debtor statement and invoices
  • Debt collection: email/telephone follow-ups
  • Handle queries from debtors
  • Internal and External Audits
  • Supply information requested by auditors
  • Conduct Creditors function
  • Conduct monthly EFT payment run for Creditors
  • Distribute invoices due for payment to GM/Sales/Development for signing off
  • Compile payment schedule/creditor account recons
  • Scan and email copied invoices to HO for EFT authorization
  • Load EFT payment run on online banking
  • Raise cheques
  • General Office Administration, namely
  • Filing and maintenance of records
  • Providing assistance and feedback
  • Budgeting
  • Maintain and update Register
  • Capex allocations

  • Strong Personality
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Good organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Disciplined, pro-active and flexible

It should be noted that the above list of tasks and responsibilities is not exhaustive, and that your Line Manager is entitled to instruct you at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities, which fall reasonably within the ambit of the job description, or in accordance with operational requirements.

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