JCDecaux Mauritius, the market leaders in Out-of-Home advertising, are proud to announce the launch of our new digital screen at Port Louis Waterfront. The waterfront's signature location is known for its many eateries, entertainment, leisure, retail, hospitality facilities, and local and international businesses. Port Louis Waterfront enjoys regular pedestrian traffic from local and international visitors, with an estimated monthly footfall of 300,000 people. Affording brands & advertisers to reach an affluent audience with above-average discretionary income, at this premier and exclusive location.
The Port Louise Waterfront digital screen measures 3x6 meters in size, and uses the latest generation P8 SMD LCD technology, ensuring brands and campaigns look their best, through vivid image quality. Digital out of home advertising has some of the highest recall in the industry; ads are twice as likely to be seen and are 2.5 times more impactful than static OOH ads according to a recent UK study. The digital screen is supported by a state-of-the-art content management system, offering advertisers improved flexibility in creative changes, monitoring, reporting, and control of campaigns from a central dashboard.

Digital Out-of-Home campaigns provide the best possible brand impression, catching pedestrians' attention with eye-catching messages, capturing the attention of tourists and locals, and driving consumer action. Nielsen's recent study highlighted that 57% of people who saw a DOOH ad immediately visited the business. JCDecaux Mauritius is committed to continually innovating and providing new and dynamic advertising solutions. We aim to deliver media solutions which engage audiences and delivery on campaign objectives.  

About JCDecaux Mauritius
The leaders in Out of Home advertising market, JCDecaux Mauritius, offers over 470 static and digital sites, strategically located on the busiest roads, in the best locations, covering the most frequented points of interests, such as shopping districts, business & education centres, and tourist attractions. JCDecaux Mauritius targets affluent consumers on their daily commute and tourists in proximity to hotels, restaurant, nightlife, and key attractions.