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  • How to obtain a poster?
    Depending on the country's regulations and on our subsidiary's organisation, you may or may not obtain a poster.
    We invite you to contact our local office to know what you can do in your country. 
  • Can I have a catalogue of your street furniture?
    Our business involves responding to public tenders issued by municipal authorities. All of our bids are tailored to meet the terms and conditions specified by each city. We do not sell through a catalogue but rather provide cities with street furniture (bus shelters, automated public toilets, information panels, benches, etc.) and services (installation, maintenance, etc.). In exchange, we are authorized to generate income from the sale of advertising space on some of this furniture.
  • Are you open to partnerships?
    We receive a lot of partnership requests and have to be extremely selective in the choices we make. Partnership requests may be submitted via (with “Partnership request” as the subject).

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