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MOBILE: Bridging the Physical & Digital worlds.

Using geo-location insights coupled with behavioural data, Mobile helps amplify the Out-of-Home campaign to further an advertiser’s campaign reach.
 JCDecaux geo-fencing strategies enabled by our ecosystem of vetted mobile platform partners will allow you (Brands) to continue the conversation by delivering mobile advertising banners to your target audience when they are within a defined geofence or proximity of your OOH placements and while they are using an ad-supported app or browsing the web on their phone.


By utilizing these geo-fencing strategies, you can create a lasting connection between your brand and your target consumer beyond the physical space. Combining an OOH campaign with Mobile provides the following benefits:




Amplify your impressions




Increase reach




Heighten your branded content


Drive consumers down the marketing funnel, from awareness to web visitation or product purchase


With continuous growth in the number of people globally using mobile for day-to-day functions, this growing bank of mobile data provides an analysis tool for brands to take advantage of targeting their audiences with outdoor and mobile advertising campaigns (Compedium, Out-of Home & Mobile, WallDecaux, MMA, 2019 – section 5). “Insight shows in this two-screen world, OOH can supercharge the effects of Social Media” (Mike Follett, the Managing Director of Lumen Research). Brands are becoming aware of this, as functions specifically to attract smartphone interaction are increasingly added to panels; starting from QR codes and Wi-Fi, to hashtags with imagery displayed specifically with the intention to be uploaded on social media channels; and digital innovation, such as Augmented Reality, shown via smartphones. It is clear that brands are establishing a connection with their customers through cross-media campaigns as “OOH activates towards social media more strongly than other media” (Compedium, Out-of Home & Mobile, WallDecaux, MMA, 2019 – section 6, page 50).

Brands have infinite possibilities by leveraging the power of mobile and OOH

Mobile and OOH are more connected than any other media, both providing a vertical format and serving as vectors of experience and creativity. François-Xavier Pierrel, Chief Data Officer at the JCDecaux Group, took the stage at Web Summit 2019 to explain how data is accelerating and transforming the usage between Out-of-Home communication and mobile.


Driving to store, mobile & online
As people are spending more time outside the home, Out-of-Home is the medium that effectively reaches people in the Active Space. Considered timing and placement of brand messaging allows Out-of-Home to direct audiences to store, online and mobile at the point of purchase.

OUT-OF-HOME. The new storefront.

Growing presence of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) provides unprecedented media availabilities and capabilities. Accelerating technological developments within the medium are presenting more and more opportunities to provide consumers with relevant content at the right time to drive purchases.

JCDecaux provides a breadth of OOH opportunities for brands to offer actionable content within the Active Space to engage consumers and drive them directly to point of purchase, whether in store or mobile or even directly from the panel.

DRIVE TO MOBILE & ONLINE. Meeting audiences on-the-go.

Today’s urban audiences are always connected through their smartphones and tablets. While mobile offers brands an opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, competition for their attention is high in the increasingly fragmented media environment.
Consumers have growing expectations of receiving timely, relevant content at all times, and OOH is uniquely placed to drive traffic at a chosen point in the consumers’ journey. OOH is the key media that can offer content to an on-the-go audience. This is the opportunity for brands to offer relevant messaging at the time and place when the audience expects it and when they are most receptive to it.
By combining OOH with mobile and online media, they can provide an entry point to specialised, useful content that the consumer is seeking at this moment. Advertisers who understand consumer needs at a given time can use OOH to exponentially amplify the impact of their brand messaging.

OOH is x4 more Effective at Driving to Online

A study released by Nielsen shows that OOH is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity. The study reveals that the medium delivers four times more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio and print.