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EXPERT KNOWLEDGE. Precision planning

JCDecaux Africa’s Insights team develops the best Out-of-Home communication plans to ensure all media agencies, big brands, and SMMEs can access optimum Out-of-Home media campaigns.
With a team of experts well-versed in every aspect of media planning and strategy. We provide media planning solutions to optimise budgets and deliver on campaign objectives. JCDecaux Africa aims to enrich our customers with location and audience insights enabling them to make informed and calculated decisions around their media campaign goals and objectives.


The media and communication sector is undergoing profound changes. In our view, in-depth data analysis will have a transformational impact on market analysis practices, knowledge of our partners and advertisers, media strategies, media planning, measurement practices (for the audience, impact and efficiency), ROI, working methods and decision-making processes.

Location Sciences

Being location experts is essential to guide and inform our clients about mobility changes, migration of local communities, or new developments, be it residential or commercial. We provide accurate and rich location data-sets powering campaign optimisation, media selection, relevance and audience targeting.

Incorporate geospatial client data for customised targeting solutions.

Geo-Marketing or Geo-Spatial Advertisers can optimise and create bespoke networks based on proximity, audience affinity, propensities, drive-time and simulate customer exposure within retail trade areas.

Audience Insights 

JCDecaux Africa’s media insights team uses the latest market-leading audience insights to deliver data-driven campaign planning, creating bespoke campaigns to reach the desired target audiences effectively and efficiently.

OPENING UP OUT-OF-HOME. For Business Growth.

JCDecaux Media Insights team provide tailored OOH campaign planning and delivery for a broad range of organisations, addressing diverse brand and campaign goals. Our media planning is centred around informing and empowering clients with a range of industry insights, supporting the delivery of a wide range of campaign objectives.

ACCOUNTABILITY IN OUT-OF-HOME. Understanding audience behaviour.

JCDecaux’s global presence offers unparalleled breadth in understanding international and local Out-of-Home (OOH) audiences. Working with international partners and employing the latest developments in OOH measurement.
JCDecaux Group is dedicated to demonstrating accountability and effectiveness of OOH advertising within the media mix through rich insights, deep understanding of consumers behaviours, and the latest data and technology tools in the market.   

OUR EXPERTISE. International research within Out-of-Home.

In addition to advancing audience behaviour expertise, JCDecaux offers partners, and clients access to unique tools and resources, opening doors to optimised targeting and increased campaign effectiveness.