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Letter visibility

Legibility depends on fast identification of shapes, and consequently the letters. Capital letters have the greatest individual recognition value, but they tend to read individually. Therefore, capitals usually work best for display headings or captions which are only three or four words in length. Lower-case letters usually read as complete words or phrases because the eyes have become accustomed to them through normal reading habits. Therefore, lower-case letters are more appropriate for longer headlines or sentences.
  • Tip #1 Too little spacing between letters makes them appear to merge together

  • Tip #2 Upper and lower case type is easier to read than all capital letters

  • Tip #3 At distance, very heavy letters become blobs, very thin letters become invisible

  • Tip #4 Ornate script faces, and excessive contrast between thick and thin reduce legibility

Colour Visibility

The colour combinations demonstrate readibility at distance, with No. 1 being the most legible, decreasing in legibility to No. 18.

Complementary colours such as red and green are not readily legible. Any combinations of colours of similar value, even without vibrating, will have low visibility. However, complementary colours that have strong contrast in value, and therefore little vibration, provide maximum visibility.

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