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We seek out the most relevant consumer insights to help brands and agency partners identify, target and validate audiences. With our proprietary platforms and a host of third-party data sources, we help clients leverage the data revolution. We make complex data simple, enabling the delivery of more relevant advertising solutions across our range of Out-of-Home formats and environments.   
Uncovering the strengths and value of our media through the most robust insights available

Roadside Outdoor Audience Data

The Out-of-Home media currency in South Africa provides consumer mobility insights that enable cross-media planning, better audience targeting and improved accountability. The research delivers OOH ratings such as reach, frequency, GRP’s, impacts, CPM for Out-of-Home campaigns, supporting audience-based planning. 

Geospatial Insights & Location Data

Geo-marketing provides advertisers with dynamic location information, improving audience and location targeting through analysis of diverse data sets. By incorporating geospatial client data, we can improve contextual media selection, centred around location and consumer insights, building customised targeting solutions.
Helping brands better understand consumer behaviour, attitudes, brand perceptions and media consumption habits.

Mobile Data

Mobile data provides an additional rich layer of insights and proximity-based relevance to improve our audience targeting capabilities. Mobile data enable us to enrich our existing data with location and mobility information to make data-driven decisions that optimize marketing budgets, and improve audience targeting.

JCDecaux Consumer Insights

Let real consumers revolutionise your strategy. JCDecaux Consumer Insights approaches a community in our very own online research panel, an active group of savvy, urban respondents who participate in category and campaign awareness studies. Their feedback enables our advertising partners to understand brand and category perceptions, achieve greater campaign relevance and measures campaign effectiveness.