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Streaming services have changed how we consume entertainment; from discovering new series and music to spending hours viewing user-generated content, these platforms have become an integral part of our lives. The communication challenge many of these services and platforms face is effectively capturing their audience's attention and promoting brand visibility while not using competitor media channels to increase usage and engagement.

With a user base spanning the globe, TikTok has firmly established itself as one of the largest and most influential media platforms around. This immense reach acts as a catalyst for TikTok’s venture into the realm of outdoor advertising, which lives in the public domain, enabling the platform to connect with content creators and encourage the use of its platform.

In a first-to-market in South Africa, TikTok has opted to leverage outdoor advertising brand trust, reach and measurement capabilities to connect with its core target audience while helping build brand fame.

Streaming platforms cater to a wide demographic, and OOH advertising can be strategically placed in convergence and traffic areas, such as Rosebank Mall, frequented by a specific target audience. For instance, a study revealed that around 46% of habitual series watchers consumers visit restaurants at least once a week, presenting an excellent opportunity for streaming services to connect with this audience segment through mall advertising.

Location-based advertising affords brands to leverage first and third-party data to increase relevance and OOH campaign effectiveness. At JCDecaux, we employ a range of advanced tracking and analytics tools that allow streaming services to estimate the impact or outcome of their investment in OOH. Pairing these insights with statistics such as a 28% increase in website visits or 9% app download after exposure to OOH ads highlights some tangible results that can be achieved.

Brands and advertisers continue to grapple with different approaches and strategies to contend with challenges prevalent in the attention economy.  Always on branding is crucial for streaming services to promote engagement and use, which underpins their revenue streams. OOH advertising provides a canvas for creative and memorable campaigns that can resonate with consumers and, pending the creative can be viewed as content that can be easily captured and shared.

The dynamic and complex environment of streaming and on-demand digital services poses several communication challenges for marketers and brands, all vying for precious spend and consumer attention. OOH advertising continues to be the channel of choice for the leading global tech brands by offering a dynamic and tactical platform to influence brand saliency and share the latest content with unique consumer segments at scale.


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