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JCDecaux shares the latest mobility report covering roadside traffic, mall footfall and air travel. We use the latest MarTech & research tools to support our clients in planning, activation and measurement. We aim to empower our clients to make educated decisions around their media investment.

JCDecaux, the number one media owner in Africa, invests heavily in the latest research and audience technologies to support our clients in planning, activation, and measurement. We aim to inform and empower our clients to make educated decisions around their media investment. One such solution is the mobility report, which over the past year, we have regularly shared. The industry-first mobility report covers roadside traffic, mall footfall and air travel.

JCDecaux Marketing Insights team have worked tirelessly to produce a comprehensive report titled ‘The Mobility Tracker’ informing the industry about the operational traffic levels compared to the pre-lock-down period, in addition to different mobility restriction levels. The report considers the current mobility restrictions across environments. Mobility is complex and dynamic, requiring us to fuse different data sources, such as mobile audience data movement, social listening tools, GIS (geographic information system) data layers, vehicle tracking system and traffic index information, to mention a few. The objective is to analyse diverse geographical areas, aggregating changes in traffic across provinces, metros, and the peri-urban regions. In addition, to reviewing footfall and shopping behaviours linked to different mall types and airports. 

We have witnessed many changes in consumer travel habits over the past year, impacting traffic congestion levels, frequency of travel, routing, transport mode, and other factors. The latest mobility report at 'Level 1' restrictions confirms the traffic operation rate is currently tracking at 95%, representing a +3% uplift in movement. An encouraging contribution to the level of mobility is a 30% uplift in shopping & leisure movement. In comparison, workplace movement has experienced a significant increase – tracking higher than the baseline by +3%. A fascinating insight is that the mobility levels of the peri-urban consumer market have been least impacted, particularly when compared to metropolitan areas. Such insights can assist FMCG brands in planning their route to market or direct-to-consumer strategies and communication plans.

Many companies and brands are tapping into the latest mall advertising opportunities to achieve a variety of communication goals around points of purchase. A Business Insider SA article highlighted that SA consumers are spending at a brisk pace where - “Transactions in South Africa breached R1 trillion in March 2021, according to a report by ‘Clearing House for the banking industry, BankServ Africa.” Demonstrating the value traditional retail continues to deliver. Shopper footfall is now tracking at 90% compared to the baseline, a 7% uplift from April 2021. We continue to see an increase in shoppers across Super-Regional, Regional & Small-Regional centres. The most significant lift was Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal, which showed that shopper levels were higher than the baseline period. Mall advertising offers brands an environment that delivers unique brand experiences to audiences at scale.

The JCDecaux Airport sentiment tracker, a quantitative consumer research panel, which commenced in September 2020, was commissioned to understand consumer intent and attitude towards air travel.

Since its inception, travel sentiment remains positive, supported by the roll-out of the vaccine and various travel restrictions being eased. Travel is a symbol of confidence, of life, returning to normality.​ Some highlights from the report are:
          Between 79% - 87% of travellers say they will travel within the next six months.
          Travellers are more focused, more alert, more open to influence.
          There is a strong opportunity to emotionally connect with travellers during a period of heightened emotions.

The JCDecaux Mobility report at Level 1 restrictions highlighted 1,77 Million travellers for the month of April 2021 across 8 ACSA  Airports. Through qualitative research, brands can benefit from a deep understanding and target this high-value consumer segment through airport advertising.


Consumer mobility helps guide a host of business decision-making across disciplines, such as distribution channels, supply chains, pricing models and communication strategies. Staying informed about changing mobility levels and media consumption habits are paramount in guiding advertising investment opportunities. Through market intelligence and consumer insights brands, media, and creative agencies can make informed decisions about the role and value of investing in outdoor advertising. The time for engaging consumers outdoor has never been better, with diverse platforms and commercial offers tailored to different company sizes, brands, and campaign objectives, now with a lower point of entry. As we continue to challenge the status quo with new technology, research and audience insights, we are confident in the value outdoor advertising continues to deliver as part of an omnichannel or sole media plan.

Contact JCDecaux Africa to receive a copy of the 'Mobility Tracker' at Level 1 report. 

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