As the urban population continues to grow and people spend more and more time outside of their home, Out-of-Home remains the channel with a unique capability to offer real-life interaction and the opportunity for brands to establish a dialogue with the consumer.

Today’s media landscape has compelling evidence suggesting that brands must tap into the emotive cues in advertising to connect with their consumers in turn building a lasting brand preference and staying competitive.

JCDecaux together with MediaCom, one of the world’s largest media agency delivered a campaign that aimed to create conversations and a lasting brand preference for Mars, a leading food manufacturer for chocolate candy, petcare, beverage and food products.

With the objective to promote their range of products and build brand preference, Mars saw an opportunity to use Out-Of-Home for the first time, which enabled them to reach a mass audience. 

The Out-of-home campaign focused specifically on three of their product offerings namely, Orbit chewing gum, Skittles and M&M's through different creatives. 
This year -long campaign is focused in the Gauteng region, with simple and clean creative on the JCDecaux network of Citilites and Supersigns. 

The networks offer a flexible, off-the-shelf solution to various strategies, offering high levels of reach and frequency whilst targeting selected audiences and lifestyles. 
JCDecaux’s Citilites and Supersigns billboards offer brands a podium; ensuring unparalleled exposure and positive brand perception while building brand fame.
Strategically positioned, the billboards are expected to reach an audience of over 5 million consumers throughout the duration of the campaign, with a frequency rate of 96 (ROAD 2017). 

“This has been an extremely exciting experience for Mars especially because we were dealing with a limited budget. However, JCDecaux together with MediaCom delivered an impressive campaign and could offer us an incredible package. The JCDecaux team have been amazing to work with and as a client I would not have imagined working with any other company”, says Laura Stopforth brand manager at Mars.