As the urban population continues to grow Out-of-Home remains the channel with a unique capability to offer real-life interaction and the opportunity for brands to establish a dialogue with the consumer.
Out-of-home (OOH) is known for its ability to build rapid awareness. In the OOH environment, audiences are attentive and receptive to their surroundings and it has been shown that they see OOH advertising as a positive addition to the urban landscape. Interaction within this active space allows for increased recall, increased brand perception and two-way communication.
Old Mutual, who celebrates their 175th birthday this year recently partnered with JCDecaux and showed us how contextual advertising taking the environment into account can work well to get the correct message across.

Old Mutual utilized the high impacting staircase within the Sandton Gautrain station, which sees an average of 6 171 251 passengers per year, with an ingenious contextual message “Times change, what matters never will, the time is now, take the next step’ the messaging works particularly well not only in the time of COVID-19, but as well as within the Gautrain environment on the stairs. The cherry on top of this exceptional messaging is once a commuter gets to the top of the stairs, their handsome, high-rise Old Mutual skyscraper is the first thing they will see.
In our hyperconnected world, where consumers are exposed to hundreds of messages per day, it’s more vital than ever for advertisers to stand out to consumers during key touchpoints of the consumer journey.
It’s even more imperative for marketers to understand the various nuisances of different environments and advertising platforms and the need for bespoke messaging across their integrated marketing communication.  Brands need to seek to personalize content to grab consumer attention amid the background noise that surrounds us all.