The out of home advertising sector has seen extensive growth in recent years with digital outdoor innovation at the forefront. Day part, Audience, Drive time and Relevance have laid the foundation for JCDecaux’s successful Roadside Digital offering.

Furthermore, JCDecaux’s introduction of Dynamic Smart Content delivers creative messages based on weather, geo-location, social media and RSS feeds. 

Building on this, JCDecaux is now evolving in a way that allows us to offer ‘On Demand’ and ‘In-the-Moment’ marketing and media solutions. 

The launch of our new Roadside Digital Plus has improved planning and buying agility (time and location), saliency, targetability, synergies and synchronizations – opening the door to more symbolic synergies with other day-part targeted media channels and contextual communications.

With the launch of the Roadside Digital Plus, JCDecaux together with House & Home identified an opportunity to advertise the ‘Heydays’ promotion through a real - time planning solution. The visually stimulating adverts were flighted in conjunction with corresponding radio adverts on a variety of local radio stations. 

The main objective for House and Home was to build their overall brand, while showcasing their extensive lifestyle range to drive feet to store and ultimately increase sales. The Roadside Digital Plus innovation was a first of its kind for the retail giant, and an exceptional illustration of media synergy which allowed mobile drivers the opportunity to simultaneously see and hear the campaign while out and about, day to day.  

“The decision taken to use this line of marketing was a first for the House & Home brand in many years, and coupled with the great media offered by JCDecaux, could not be overlooked as far as a trial run was concerned.  
“While it's always difficult to measure the true performance of such a media, one can always believe that it does a job in extending the Brand awareness, in providing visual support to a Brand, who is otherwise, centralized to Print and Electronic media formats”, says Sheridan Smit, divisional advertising manager - Shoprite furniture group.