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Recognizing that positive and responsible communication is important, JCDecaux provides a platform for communicating global social and environmental initiatives, including education, youth homelessness, climate change and road safety, and has programs across Africa. JCDecaux also works to make brands more aware of their own roles in creating responsible advertising to build collaborative partnerships that enable social impact at scale.


At JCDecaux, we are committed to the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff, suppliers and the wider community.

JCDecaux aims to provide an inclusive workplace built on trust and respect for each other’s individuality and unique abilities. A safe, respectful working environment for our employees. Built on a foundation of shared company values, we have implemented an effective Health & Safety and Social Policy across the group. We recognize that our people want to make a difference and provide the culture of accountability, challenge, and opportunity to impact.

We also take pride in attracting new talent, maximising human capital, retaining employees and promoting local employment. As a Group, we engage our staff according to our Charter of Fundamental Social Values while promoting absolute integrity in compliance with our Group Code of Ethics.

It is a business where innovation and ideas can thrive, as fresh thinking is encouraged and rewarded. Our people are the key to our success, a competent and passionate group of professionals across a wide range of disciplines.


As our operations take place in the public realm, JCDecaux is committed to work-place training and stringent safety procedures. We see mitigating risk as a number one priority, continually analysing and publishing any hazards, near hits and accidents across all our operations areas. The provision of a safe and efficient working environment is achieved through the engagement with third party experts who provide insights, suggestions and updates for corrective actions.


Our stakeholders are as diverse as our business activities. For more than 50 years, we have built rewarding and enduring partnerships with cities, councils, transport companies, urban planners, architects, government agencies, commercial partners, advertisers and media agencies worldwide. We understand that clear communication, aligned objectives and a commitment to shared priorities and goals are essential to success.

OUR ETHICS. Our social values.

JCDecaux's Code of Ethics defines the code of business conduct in the Group and the relationships with its partners and suppliers. In addition to this, we have also chosen to develop an International Charter of Fundamental Social Values. This is informed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization's Fundamental Conventions (ILO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's Guidelines (OECD). This endorses our commitments to sustainable development and establishes the rules in this area that apply to all JCDecaux subsidiaries.