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The rate of change in the media landscape is putting pressure on media agencies, brands, and advertisers, around optimising budgets and delivering on campaign goals. Knowing which consumer insights to reference and how to interpret them for improved media mix decisions is becoming ever more complex

The rate of change in the media landscape is putting more pressure on media agencies, brands and advertisers, around optimising budgets and delivering on campaign goals. Agencies are better informed than ever before about consumers, however, knowing which consumer insights to reference and how to interpret them for improved media mix decisions is becoming ever more complex.

This has required new approaches from media agencies in terms of the broad range of technology tools and insights to analyse, simplify and improve the media procurement process. A key challenge which has become more complex is centred around media integration and optimising the media mix in terms of budget allocation, and channel integration. Posing new questions as to the role and value each media vertical plays in
the mix. Added to the complexity, are the ever-growing demands being placed on media agencies and media owners for improved accountability and better campaign results.

Be part of the Show with our new strategically located Citilite Networks

Being at the forefront of the industry, JCDecaux Africa wants to ensure that their media offering stays up-to-date, delivers better value and addresses a broad range of campaign goals and objectives, such as driving engagement, lead generation or extending recall from other channels. To address the changing market needs, JCDecaux analysed one of the most sought-after and trusted media solutions in the market: Citilites. With a clear aim in mind, how does JCDecaux adapt and enhance their media offering to deliver better value and efficacy?

JCDecaux’s approach to this process was centred around two core elements, JCDecaux wanted to understand high demand trading audiences, by looking into a host of lifestyle attributes and needs, and more importantly their purchase and consumption habits, interests and behaviours. Through deep and rich consumer insights JCDecaux were better positioned to guide and improve media selection and consumer targeting.

Be part of the Show with our new strategically located Citilite Networks

Secondly, being location experts with a broad range of geospatial intelligence, JCDecaux wanted to get a deep understanding of a host of environments, such as catchment areas relating to key shopping districts and places of convergence. Deep analysis of key points of interest and points of purchase. In addition to studying mobility to understand travel patterns associated with a board range of activities, from the daily commute to work, or dropping the kids off at school, to a host of leisure activities.

After months of work, JCDecaux Africa is proud to announce their new media offering to the market, Citilites Amplified, a range of flexible out-of-home advertising media solutions. From tailored bespoke networks aimed to address specific campaign objectives, such as promoting social engagement or extending brand recall for a TV campaign; to optimised regional and national audience-centric networks, namely Citi Reach and Citi Places, aimed to service a host of industry verticals across a broad range of campaign goals and objectives.

The aim is to build out-of-home advertising networks which enable relevant and contextual campaigns to a host of industry verticals. Hyper targeting advertising within a relevant contextual environment can help build brand equity, improve ad recall, and delivers better relevancy to address lower funnel sales objectives, such as improved purchase consideration and enhancing brand action or appraisal.
To highlight the flexibility of the Citilite networks, understanding which key POI’s & POP are of importance to an Over the Counter (OTC) brand who want to target families, JCDecaux can offer advertising media solutions in proximity to clinics, creches, schools, recreation centres or places of worship. Looking at a different vertical, namely a short-term motor insurance brand, wanting to target middle-to-upper income consumers, Citilites Amplified networks can target office and business parks, golf courses, new and used car dealerships to ensure top-of-mind during the purchase exploration and decision-making period. Enabling us to build customer-centric networks, relevant to a host of brands and advertisers, around a highly sought-after consumer segment.

To simplify the buying process, there are two turnkey media offerings, the first, Citi Reach, which is optimised around maximising reach, nationally or regionally, positioned to address TV and Radio coverage goals, with higher frequency and at a lower average cost, simplifying the media procurement for strategists and planners.

JCDecaux’s second range of networks, Citi Places, are lifestyle-focused, centred around a host of points of interest and points of purchase, enabling advertising messaging to be delivered in contextually relevant locations.

As an example, from a contextual perspective for an alcohol brand, the Citi Slicker network is located near 110 restaurants, 65 bars, 39 bottle stores, 48 hotels, highlighting the communication opportunity to deliver relevant advertising messaging in proximity to points of purchase and points of consumption.

Reviewing the same network for a banking or investment brand, Citi Slicker targets an affluent audience located in key catchment areas including 116 office or business parks, 328 banks or financial institutions and 8 golf courses, reaching 13.37% of LSM 8 – 10 adults in Gauteng, delivering over 6.2 million impressions with an average frequency of 13, and at an attractive CPT of R46.16 over one month period. Highlighting relevance, context and value, with an always-on campaign.

As the media landscape evolves so do JCDecaux media insights and offerings. JCDecaux Africa is working hard to meet the demand for better accountability and value, putting the key trading audience front and centre and making use of an ever-growing number of insights and research tools around these audiences.

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