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A fantastic testament to the power of creativity is the latest campaign from Kikkoman, traditionally brewed soy sauce. The campaign featured a simple design, with the product as the hero,  together with a 3D product cut out and running LED lights, to enhance the impact and draw consumer at

Remember when ads used to sell? When the creative kind of smacked you in the face, evoking an emotion, resonating, and appealing to consumers' tastes and interests. Luckily, Out-of-Home advertising, again and again, has provided such a podium to influence purchase behaviour and brand choice. It enables creatives not to design in pixels but rather in super-sized landscape dimensions. When led by insights and quality creative that is tailored to Out-of-Home, the campaign can deliver significant brand impact, engagement and most importantly, ad recall.

A great testament to this is the latest campaign from Kikkoman, traditionally brewed soy sauce, managed by creative agency Grey South Africa and creative, data-led media agency Mediology.

Christo van den Bergh, Head of OOH from Mediology said: "It is fantastic when location and audience insights are supported by such a strong OOH creative, which sticks to the fundamentals of effective OOH design, affording the Kikkoman brand to shine."
The campaign is a demonstration of best in class design for outdoor advertising.

The campaign featured a simple and clean design from Grey South Africa, with the product and brand being the hero, featuring the headline "Get a Kikk From Every Meal" supported by an impactful visual highlighting the products USP - it's naturally fermented from four ingredients with no artificial additives. The billboards are adorned with large 3D product cut out and running LED lights to enhance the overall impact, visibility and command consumer attention. Such creative delivery leaves brand impressions while improving the product and brand message.

Jeanette Grove, Social & Content Creative Director from Grey South Africa, said, "outdoor advertising was a logical decision to make the brand love felt in the "real world" enabling the reach and exposure to grow. Seeing the Kikkoman brand on billboards is not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but also the next obvious step on the journey to soy sauce world domination."

The campaign targeted high traffic nodes in Johannesburg and Cape Town, focusing on major highways and retail precincts using Super Signs. The campaign is estimated to reach 1.6 million commuters, with an average frequency of 34,  delivering 54 million impacts and an impressive CPT of R4.32 over the campaign duration. The campaign demonstrates the value Out-of-Home provides to the media mix, supporting a range of communication and brand objectives.

Research carried out by The Harvard Business Review revealed: "A euro investment in highly creative ad campaign had, on average, nearly doubled the sales impact of a euro spent on a non-creative campaign." Highlighting the importance and value the creative plays in an advertising campaign. 

Creative and media agencies should leverage each media platform's salient characteristics in the media mix to deliver impactful campaigns that work. JCDecaux Africa has unique software to optimise the creative's vital visual elements by leveraging deep learning technology. 

Out-of-Home advertising is known to be a compelling way to engage audiences. Through the addition of eye-catching innovations and embellishments, the brand message can go beyond the single site by offering sharable and engaging content. When the creative is tailored to the platform, using audience and location insights, the campaign can address lower funnel sales, brand and communication objectives. As an example improving ad recall; after all, if a consumer remembers the ad and wants a 'Kikk' in every meal, there is only one Kikkoman. 


Source: ROAD6/17/18 (pre-COVID audience figures)

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