76% of South Africans visit a mall at least once a week.  According to retail and property research company Urban Studies.
South African’s are born to shop, still very fond of their brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Brands need to consider the impact and opportunity cost of reducing exposure and communications during uncertain times.

“Shopping is enjoyable, something you want to do and consumers still want a physical space” – Michael Smollan (SABC Interview)

This presents an opportunity for new brands and companies to take advantage of the trading environment, by stepping up their communication activities. Mall environments afford brands a low risk and high exposure opportunity to reach a large audience, in an environment that carries positive sentiment, in proximity of point of purchase.

Considering that JCDecaux Africa can provide targeted and contextual access to monthly shoppers within our network, we’re confident that Malls are still our Happy Place! South Africans will always be driven to ‘Retail Therapy’ with no other shopping experience that could replace the physical, tangible retail space.

The Mall environment presents an opportunity to reach potential customers in the busiest locations in our community - the shopping mall.

With high dwell times, repeat visibility, and contextual messaging to an experience hungry audience, South Africans are used to spending a lot of time at malls. On average in South Africa, there are 6,4 monthly visits, with a dwell time of 1h32min, affording brands multiple opportunities to deliver contextual communication near point of purchase.

“The retail point of purchase represents the time and place at which all the elements of the sale – the consumer, the money, and the product – come together”

SA's Shopping centres sales represent 65% of SA's R1 Trillion Retail Market.

Timing plays an important role in the effective delivery of advertising and communication messages. Being able to deliver a contextual message, while in a positive mindset of shopping improves engagement and ad recall. JCDecaux Africa Malls provides a platform for brands and advertisers to reach a set audience or target market at the most opportune time and location. Through a host of innovative advertising platforms that aim to create memorable brand experiences. To learn more, please download 'Mall of Opportunity'.